30 August 2011

Baby Trevin is One

I started off this session thinking I was going to use my beautiful creamy 85 1.2L to create some awesome bokeh pictures. Little did I know that one year olds move a lot! They move a lot faster than I do. Off with the 85mm and on with the 24-70mm 2.8L. I highly recommend zoom lenses for toddlers.
I smiled the whole time I edited this session. Trevin is soooo adorable and he has the most expresive face I have ever seen. I counted at least 5 different looks. I'm sure he will make you smile too. Our session started with sock monkey, a really adorable "jack in the box". Unfortunately, during our travels, sock monkey fell out of the wagon and landed right in the pond with all of the ducks. Mom bravely climbed down the hill to rescue beloved sock monkey.
What started out as a Trevin session quickly turned into a Mommy and Me session. I loved seeing the bond between Mother and Son and was happy to capture all their special moments.