20 July 2010

Waiting For Baby

This pretty Momma is due in about a month - she looks amazing! I know this is a maternity session but when you add Dad and Big Bro then it becomes a family session. Lots of pictures ahead. Enjoy!
For my photographer friends, we started our session around 8:30am on a heavily overcast morning so it was important for me to stay out in the open and avoid the shade of trees. I used my 85mm 1.2L for the entire session (loving it!). I am still getting used to using my feet as the zoom and have to remember to step back and leave room around the edges of the photo. To give the photos a little warmth I adjusted the white balance in ACR, opened in photoshop and ran Phaunt's Sunshine in Your Hand on most of the photos.

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SONDRA said...

Beautiful pics! Big Bro was full of expressions! Great art. Thanks for sharing!

Teresa said...

The subjects in the family "Waiting for Baby" are my family. I was so impressed with your artistic I found your site to pass along this message to you.

Teresa B

Teresa said...

Since the young man in this picture is my son and the young woman is my daughter-in-law and the little guy is my grandson I could be considered biased. But I'm not. They are beautiful subjects to work with and your photography brought out their greatest attributes. The love and tenderness is captured expertly within each shot. Thank you for such a wonderful job.

Therese B

Elizabeth Zoppa said...

Thank you for your kind words - they are an adorable family. Congrats on the new addition.