28 April 2010


Does she not have the most amazing eyes and pouty mouth?  Her Mommy says everyone always comments on her big beautiful eyes.
I love photography but my day time job is being a Nursery School Teacher. This little angel is one of my students and she is posing for her memory book cover. Throughout the year I take photos of the children and then compile them into a memory book keepsake they will recieve on graduation day. I have to admit it is great to have lots of children to practice my photography on...smile!
For these photos I pulled out my 85mm. I can't believe I haven't been using it more. I love the creaminess of the skin tones with this lens.  Audrey Wouldard http://www.audreywoulardblog.com/ uses this lens wide open at f1.6 and shoots in jpeg mode and has amazing photos. I decided to try jpeg, adjusting my picture styles to give me more contrast, sharpness, and saturation and was pleasantly surprised at the SOOC results. Pictures 3 and 4 only have a levels adjustment to brighten midtones. I shot at f3.2 about 3 feet away (too chicken to shoot wide open), ss 1/800, and iso 400.
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Bronwyn said...

WOW! great shots of her!
Awesome job.