15 March 2010

Red Haired Boy

I have been a bad blogger recently but here I am with some new photos to share. Here is a little peak into the life of a one year old cutie pie. On a side note I am loving the Clickin Mom's Forum. If you love photography and want to learn more about your camera, settings, composition... I encourage you to join. It's an informative and friendly atmosphere. Check the link at the bottom of my page.
This session was an interesting one for me. I had camera difficulties. Now I know why photographers have back up cameras and equipment. It started out fine but later into the session my focal points froze and I couldn't toggle to get the focus I wanted. Needless to say there were quite a few OOF pics -ahh! I've had the camera for about 2 years and I think it is time to take it in for service. I sure don't want that happening again.

This little one year old  is the fastest crawling toddler I know. But, there were some moments when he would slow down and give me the most adorable look. I love everyone of them!   Enjoy!