23 January 2010

New Puppy II

So I thought I would use my 85 1.2L to take some puppy photos but I quickly learned that I can't move as fast as this little guy. Every time I would get him framed in the viewfinder, focused, and just about to press the shutter he would be gone! I should have used the 24-70mm it's much faster than me. I am totally in awe of this photographer http://www.cowbellyblog.com/ Her pet photos are so cool - especially graffiti wall dogs. How does she get them to sit so nicely? I have got to learn the secrets. A couple more of my favourite pet photographers to check out: http://www.bevhollisphoto.com/ and http://www.erinvey.com/.
Here are some more puppy pics. I have a few more to edit and upload. Enjoy!